Sanibel Museum Gala Thank You

Thank You!

Anniversary Gala
40 Years Preserving Sanibel History

Gala Appreciation: A Night of Celebration and Gratitude

At the Sanibel Historical Museum & Village, we are thrilled to commemorate 40 years of preserving the rich history of our beloved island. The Gala, a grand celebration, marked a momentous occasion, bringing together our community in a joyous reflection of Sanibel’s past and the museum’s dedicated journey.

Event Highlights

A Special Thank You

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all attendees who graced the Gala with their presence. Your support is the cornerstone of our continued success, allowing us to share the captivating story of Sanibel’s evolution. We want to express our deepest appreciation, especially to those who generously made extra financial contributions to further the museum’s mission.

Recognizing Our Weather Experts

Greg Rule, Robert Van Winkle and Rob Duns

A special shout-out to our local weather experts, without whom the Gala wouldn’t have been as remarkable. We extend our sincere thanks to Robert Van Winkle, Rob Duns, and Greg Rule for their invaluable contributions to the event and for keeping our island informed.

Volunteer Recognition

The success of the Gala wouldn’t have been possible without the dedication of our incredible volunteers. We express our gratitude to each one of you who played a role in putting together this memorable event. Your hard work and commitment are the driving forces behind our ability to preserve and share Sanibel’s history.

Gala Committee Co-Chairs

A special round of applause for our exceptional Gala Committee Co-Chairs, Gail Migliorini and Jan McGirl. Your leadership and vision brought the Gala to life, creating an unforgettable experience for everyone involved.

Gail Migliorini and Jan McGirl

Gala Committee Members

We would also like to extend our thanks to the dedicated members of the Gala Committee, whose tireless efforts ensured the success of every aspect of the event:

Heather Corbin
Ginny & Peter Darby
Bonnie & Raf Frankel
Carol Gertsen
Nikita Graveney
Mark Harmon
Jane Jensen
Wanda Malone
Celina & Vincent Monte-Sano
Jeff Muddell
Ellen O’Neill
Terry Slater
Gayle & Wayne Pence
Nancy Siegel
Cindy Somerville
Tracey & Dusty Tenney

Thank you to our Sponsors

Thank you for being a part of this milestone celebration!