Chapter 27


We keep our merchandise in keeping with our mission, with a few exceptions: To preserve, share, and celebrate Sanibel history. We take this to mean “educate” as well.

(a) Calusa reproductions, from masks to the Calusa cat (all items have explanatory sheets to go with them.

(b) Books – essential to our mission.

(c) Pine needle baskets – the star of the show and very popular. Cost ranges $40-$80.

(d) Sailor’s valentines

(e) We’ve started carrying some food items, all of the old-fashioned variety. The labels are “Bailey’s General Store, which is most appropriate for our village. Soon they will read “Sanibel Packing Co.,” the original name for the store – even better!

(f) The honey, in fact, is from descendants of the bees raised by Francis Bailey.

(g) We have some old-fashioned wooden toys, including toys made by one of our local “Hammerheads,” an island group of retired craftsmen.

We are trying out some new things, including T-shirts and hats.

Museum members get a 20% discount on all items with no restrictions.

Our register is simple to use, and we provide thorough training to anyone who chooses to work in the store. In addition, there are “cheat sheets” outlining what to do in every possible circumstance to get you through a sale.

Copies of the “cheat sheets” follow – BUT JUST FOR FUTURE REFERENCE if you choose to have additional training to work in the store. Don’t let them confuse you now!