Jeopardy Questions and Answers from 2019 Twilight Talk

This ‘N’ That
  1. Fishing guide Bob Sabatino’s favorite fishing was:
    Snook at Redfish Pass
  2. Teddy Roosevelt visited Captiva with a scientist in order to study:
  3. The mail boat docked at:
    Wulfert Landing, Matthews Wharf and Bailey Dock
  4. How many cars did the big ferry carry?
  5. Who was the first permanent family on Sanibel?
    Henry Shanahan
  6. What was the Snooty Fox?
  7. Which long-time islanders started The Nutmeg House?
    Betty Sears and Evelyn Pearson
  8. How many years was Henry Shanahan lighthouse keeper?
  9. What was the original name of Periwinkle Way?
    Sanibel Boulevard
  10. Who was the fishing guide for J.N. “Ding” Darling?
    Belton Johnson
  1. What is the name of the only turn-off of Rabbit Road?
    Bunny Lane
  2. What road led to Sanibel’s first mansion?
    Algiers Road
  3. What road was named after a famous fishing guide’s family?
  4. What two roads in the same neighborhood are named after tropical destinations?
    Jamaica and Tahiti
  5. What road might have been named for a seashell but is named for a flower?
    Periwinkle Way
  6. What road is one large circle?
    Sand Castle Road
  7. What road shares its name with an action in baseball?
    Bunting Lane
  8. What road shares its name with a planet?
    Venus Drive
  9. What is the longest road on the island?
    Sanibel Captiva Road
  10. James Taylor and Carly Simon sang a song with what road’s name in it?
    Mockingbird Drive
  1. What year did Timbers open?
  2. Where was Timbers originally located?
    Rabbit Road at Sanibel Captiva Road
  3. Who purchased the Quarter Deck Restaurant in 1989?
    The Billheimers
  4. The Quarter Deck was the home of the “____ Breakfast Lunch”
  5. What could patrons of Will’s Landing see from the second deck?
    A batch of baby alligators
  6. What dish was Will’s Landing known for?
    Coconut Fried Shrimp
  7. What was Tarwinkle’s original name, for many years?
    Coconut Grove
  8. When did The Nutmeg House open?
  9. How many restaurants were on the island in 1957?
  10. Who was the “No Permits Required” burger named after?
    Dick Baker- Code Enforcement Officer
  1. A stranger to the Island came with a big iron cookpot. Ha had to crawl under the pot to avoid what pest?
  2. Ponce de Leon was wounded by a Calusa arrow from which he later died. He was struck in what part of his body?
  3. An accident occurred when two cars were both aiming for the same ferry dock. These two cars were what
    percentage of the cars on Sanibel at the time?
  4. Many types of palm trees now grow on Sanibel, but the native palm is which one?
  5. North Captiva was created by a hurricane in what year?
  6. What pet, named Gigi, belonged to Webb Shanahan?
  7. Which writer lost a precious manuscript when the Palms Hotel burned down?
    Edna St. Vincent Millay
  8. Prior to the causeway being built, how were newspapers delivered?
    Bundles dropped from an airplane
  9. What is Sanibel’s name based on?
    A miscopied Spanish map
  10. What was Captiva named for?
    Voca del Cautivo Pass
  1. This pregnant wife of an early lighthouse keeper, while sitting on the privy, was horrified by the appearance of four Cuban fisherman, who politely bowed as they passed. Who was she?
    Irene Shanahan
  2. This itinerant preacher held services in the Burnap Cottage while his wrfe ran a small store at Reed’s Landing.
    George Gatewood
  3. This matriarch of one of the earliest pioneered families, decided to move to Sanibel from Kentucky with her three sons and bought an existing shore on a wharf in San Carlos Bay.
    Mary Beers Bailey
  4. This Mississippi Riverboat Captain’s wife, who came from Trinidad, claimed her husband never made any money until he killed a rattlesnake and sold the hide.
    Mary dos Santos
  5. These parents of 18 children sometimes had a problem remembering their names, so they sometimes referred to them as “boy” or “girl”. They celebrated their 50th wedding anniversary in 1985.
    Edmond and Elnora Gavin
  6. A 1926 argument between these two people about moving The White Heron led to a confrontation between a chauffeured limo and tractor driver. Who were they?
    Clarence Chadwick & John Oster
  7. Referred to as the “Floating Palace”, this hotel, which didn’t float and wasn’t a palace, was owned and run by the sister of Sanibel’s second postmaster. Who was she?
    Lucy Reed Richardson
  8. Which early pioneer and his family took refuge from the 1910 hurricane in their Packing House and stowed their children in the vegetable bins?
    George and Clyde Riddle
  9. A descendant of Terevo Padilla, she piggybacked her children to the school bus during high tides and prepared coon oyster roasts while fishing in Tarpon Bay. Who was she?
    Esperanza Woodring
  10. Which Confederate war widow, while following her husband from battle to battle, entertained Robert E. Lee and ran the Sanibel Home School?
    Laetitia Nutt
Final Question

Prior to the hurricane of 1926, whatthree types of vegetables grown on Sanibel (volume wise) were shipped
north off the island the Sanibel Packing Company?
Tomatoes, Bell Peppers & Eggplants