HouseHistorical Museum & Village
Open: Tue. – Sat. 10 a.m. – 1 p.m.
950 Dunlop Road, Sanibel, FL 33957

About the Museum

Preserving, Sharing and Celebrating Sanibel’s History

Sanibel Historical Museum and Village was founded in 1984 with a mission to preserve and share Sanibel history. The story of Sanibel is told from the Calusa and Spanish eras to the early pioneer families who settled on the island in the 1800s. It tells of warriors, adventures, fishermen, farmers and proprietors.

Nine historic buildings were moved from their original sites. Each building has been restored to its original state. We also have a replica of a Packing House and a garage housing a 1927 Ford Model T truck. Volunteer docents share the stories of Sanibel with almost 10,000 visitors a year.

Join us as we follow the footsteps of the past.

Museum & Village Happenings

“Long-time resident, historian, and author Elinore Dormer is the one that really rounded up the old house that was available at the time, which was the Rutland house. She is the one that started it all.”
Deb Gleason, Sanibel Resident and Author

Sanibel’s Heritage Trail

Sanibel’s heritage is based upon the resourcefulness, persistence, hard work and strong values of its people. You can further your knowledge and enjoyment of Sanibel’s heritage by visiting the Sanibel Historical Museum and Village at 950 Dunlop Road and by also using the interactive map that will help guide you along the Heritage Trail of Sanibel.

Heritage Trail